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About Us

About Us


Close to nature Tarangire
Dusty Roads Adventures:

Tour Guides

Your tour guide will be waiting for you when you arrive. They are relaxed, friendly and patient. Don’t be afraid to ask them as many questions as you like. Every one of them has an in-depth knowledge of the sites and wildlife, their history and importance.


All of our staff are English speaking and each and every one of them has years of experience in the field with the certainty of being a wonderful host whilst on safari. As our tour guides have to be able to communicate in more than one language other than English, special requests may be made so that you can be guided by a tour guide who speaks your own language.



Dusty Roads operates using 4x4 Toyota Land Cruisers and Land Rovers. These are specifically outfitted for comfortable safari viewing and travel within and to and from the National Parks and Game Reserves.


Our vehicles are also equipped with cooler boxes and all of our safaris include bottled water during game drives.  Vehicles have two-way radio and in most areas, cell phone communication.
Our vehicles undergo extensive pre-safari inspection from bonnet to boot, tyres to rooftop to ensure they are in good condition for a trouble free safari.  Naturally, with the conditions of the roads that we travel, we still have the occasional puncture. Usually, we have a mechanic or another vehicle nearby and customers rarely miss any of their game viewing experiences because of vehicle problems.

Why Choose Us

• Our tailor made itineraries are always flexible, you can add and subtract days, add on different camps, parks or even countries and your safari can be adapted to the budget and time available.

• 4x4 vehicles mean you have the ability to go off road, sometimes essential if game is not on the immediate roadside. In some areas game can be tracked off-road. Breakdowns are less likely with our vehicles and you’ll travel effortlessly over soft sand and mud.
• On top of this we use specially adapted 4x4 vehicles, usually with a window sit guaranteed  

• A full back up service is available for our vehicles, so in the event of a vehicle breakdown, clients will be quickly re-installed in a new vehicle, minimizing inconvenience and freeing you to continue your safari.
• Our fully trained and experienced English speaking guides have a great affinity with the bush and are recruited where possible from local people. They are not from outside the area or occasional visitors without intimate local knowledge.

Their job is their passion and they have been doing it for many many years.

. We are proud to say that we are an affiliate and represented on

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About Us

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